Experiences designed to engage your audience.

Opingoo makes it easy to turn any place into an interactive mobile adventure, which is an app and platform designed to create better experiences for people to explore, learn about, and interact with the world around them.



Engage employees in the workplace

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Engage students on campus

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Private Community

Engage your audience

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The Challenges

Interactive challenges that are as smart as they are fun

Mix and match challenges that educate, encourage exploration, create interaction, increase team building, or align with anything else you want to achieve.

Achieve your employee engagement goals

Build programs that are more powerful, more interesting to employees, and easier to implement.

Accelerate Employee Development

Accelerate development with programs designed around education, social, and cultural development objectives.

Increase Team Interaction

Encourage employees to interact with their co-workers more to create regular team-building moments.

Strengthen Culture & Values

Consistently reinforce your company’s culture to keep everyone connected to the same mission.

Increase Engagement

Employees working towards the same mission with passion and enthusiasm are the foundation for a thriving organization..

Get Continuous Feedback

Get continuous feedback from your employees to keep communication open on a regular basis.

Measure Employee Behavior

Better understand your employees with detailed analytics and data on how they are interacting with the workplace.

Gamification & Rewards

Accelerate Employee Development with Gamification

Rewards will motivate employees to do more, faster. Add incentives to your programs with rewards that are automatically delivered right to your employees’ devices.

Increase motivation
Recognition among peers
Celebrate achievement

Designed to create powerful experiences for students.

Build programs that are more powerful, more interesting to students, and easier to implement.

Increase Student Engagement

Ensure that students are getting the most out of their experience on campus to increase student retention and success.

Campus Culture

Connect students to everything on campus that makes your school unique, including traditions, history, and local culture.

Highlight Campus Offerings

Highlight everything from the best places to eat, to the most important events to attend, to the safety routes on campus.

Get Student Feedback

Receive valuable feedback on programs from students to help you assess your programs.

Encourage Social Interaction

Help students make friends and meet other students so that they don’t feel isolated.

Assess Programs

Better understand student behavior, engagement levels, event participation, and more with data and analytics.